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Chiboard Skater Rookie Set


Chiboard Skater Rookie Set consists of a Chiboard Skater Deck, and a Chiboard Rookie Roller. It is designed for skaters by skaters. Its shape is tailor-made to respect the shape of a skateboard for being able to perform all skate tricks. Its symmetric and both faces are able to ride.

Whenever you don't skate, you have the Chiboard Skater! You are at home, it's raining, skatepark is far away, no problem! Ride your Chiboard Skater when there are no conditions, when you going to warm-up before skating, or warm-down after skating. Get on your Chiboard Skater, your feet will do the rest. Ollie, kickflip, shove it, 180, heelflip, hardflip, kickback, fingerflip, caveman, all you can eat! 

Tech specs for deck

Length 80cm (31'’)
Width 24cm (9'')
Directions of ride 360°
Number of stoppers 0
Maximum weight 90kg (200lbs)
Shape Skater


Tech specs for roller

Length 50cm (20'')
Diameter 9cm (4'')
Difficulty Rookie

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