Easily double your sports efficiency!

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Board sports

Perfect warm-up or practice without any conditions for board sports!

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A healthy body comes with a peaceful mind

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A great helper for development of limbs coordination.

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Chiboard. The happiest balance board.

Be a professional athlete or a white collar. There is a Chiboard for you!

Chiboard is simply a balance board. More than that, you can customize your Chiboard and its accessories to your liking. With its patent-pending adjustable stopers, Chiboard offers you freedom of movement like no other balance board can. Chiboard carpets can turn to carry-bags and ease your life while moving around with your balance board. Every Chiboard has its unique usage style. Whether you are a surfer or a fitness addict, you'll find your Chiboard that answers your needs. Browse Chiboards now!



Chiboarding is a board sport by itself. You don't need to be performing a board sport to start with chiboarding. Yes, a familiarity with board sports or any sport would give you a head-start with your balance whereas your will would be the key that will get you into chiboarding. As any other sport discipline, you'll grow awareness as soon as you start finding your balance to keep on with it. 

While chiboarding, you'll be able to burn more calories than any other sport you'll perform in such a small area with so much fun. Browse one of our stores to discover world of Chiboard now >>



Riding Chiboard is very easy. All you need to do is to spend some time on it while paying attention to a few instructions. Some people may say, "I am not good at balance." Don't worry; balance is intuitive. You don't need to do anything to find your balance. Your body will take care of it. All you need to do is to let go and be patient. Watch the video below for the instructions.



Chiboard is for everybody! Come and join our community.