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Are you on the go? Because we are! The Chiboard Mobile Deck is invented to be the perfect travel mate for you! 

We needed to take our balance board with us everywhere so badly, so we invented the Chiboard Mobile! The Chiboard Mobile Deck is still the conventional balance board deck with brilliant Chiboard touch! With it's handle, you can easily grab and carry it. With its grips, you can bind it your bike or motorcycle and just keep going!

Like other Chiboards, while you can do all your moves and tricks on it, you can use adjustable stoppers to guarantee your safety with all the moves. It is more lightweight than a conventional balance board so that you can gain control over the board and over your body easily.

If you're ready to go mobile and already have the roller and stoppers, this is the right deck you'll start with. If you don't have the roller and stoppers, scroll down and navigate to one of the all-in-one sets responding to your skill levels.

Technical Specs

Length 70cm (28')
Width 34cm (13'')
Directions of ride 360°
Number of stopers 2 or 4
Maximum weight 90kg (200lbs)

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