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Chiboard Classic Aztec Rookie Set


Chiboard Classic Aztec Rookie Set is the Classic Rookie Set with the beautiful Aztec graphics. It consists of a Chiboard Classic Aztec Deck, a Chiboard Rookie Roller, and Chiboard Adjustable Stopper Set of 2.

The Chiboard Classic Aztec Deck is the conventional balance board deck that is being used since the first balance board. It is designed to respect the original form of first known balance boards.

This combination is great for yoga, fitness and crossfit performers, as well as all kind of board sports enthusiasts. You are able to ride Classic Aztec Deck lengthwise and sidewise and do all the possible drills on it. Some of these include many yoga asanas, crossfit compound movements, and fitness weight lifts using Chiboard. 

Tahta için teknik özellikler

Length 80cm (31'')
Width 34cm (13'')
Directions of ride 360°
Number of stoppers 2 or 4
Maximum weight 90kg (200lbs)
Shape Classic
Graphics Aztec


Rulo için teknik özellikler

Length 50cm (20'')
Diameter 9cm (4'')
Difficulty Rookie

Board sports






Martial arts