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Chiboard Mobile Advanced Set


Chiboard Mobile Advanced Set consists of a Chiboard Mobile Deck, a Chiboard Mobile Advanced Roller, and Chiboard Adjustable Stopper Set of 4.

The Chiboard Mobile Deck is the conventional balance board deck that is designed to be on the go all the times with you. Your balance training is now as free of time and space as your mind is.

With this combination you can do all your yoga, fitness, crossfit, and all kind of board sports training. You are able to ride Mobile Deck lengthwise and sidewise and do any possible drill on it. With its handle and grips, you can carry your mobile set with your bike, motorcycle, paddle board or just behind your bag.

Tech specs for deck

Length 70cm (28’')
Width 34cm (13'')
Directions of ride 360°
Number of stoppers 2, or 4
Maximum weight 90kg (200lbs)
Shape Mobile


Tech specs for roller

Length 50cm (20'')
Diameter 12cm (5'')
Difficulty Advanced

Board sports






Martial arts