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Chiboard Adjustable Stopper Set of 4


Decks you can use this set with

Chiboard Adjustable Stoper Set of 4 can be used with these decks.

Beginner precaution

If your new to Chiboarding (or balance-boarding at its best), it is strongly recommended that you use this set. Even intermediate and expert riders do ride Chiboard with stopers.

Using stopers build more confidence so that a rider can put all the effort in. By doing so a rider can discover their limits and expand them more naturally then riding under pressure.

Crosswise usage

For you'll need 2 of Chiboard Adjustable Stopers on both tails. See the image for application.

Lengthwise usage

On lengthwise usage, you'll use 4 of the Chiboard Adjustable Stopers as applied in the image.