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Chiboard Kids Free Deck

Chiboard Kids Free Deck

Chiboard Kids Free Deck is the perfect balance board deck tailored for kids before and during adolescence. It has stunning board graphics designed specially for kids.

At young ages, exercises with Chiboard will help growth of Gross Motor Skills and Visual Motor Skills. 🏂 Gross Motor Skills are related to everyday functions like sitting at the table, dressing, or sporting skills like running. 🏃Visual Motor Skills are related to coordination of limbs with visual intelligence and perception like writing or kicking a ball. ⚽ Both and more are related to success in many sports disciplines. 🏆 

Technical Specs

Length 70cm (28')
Width 34cm (13'')
Directions of ride 360°
Number of stopers 2 or 4
Maximum weight 90kg (200lbs)

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